(Visual Aid for Like-Minded Conciousness)

"Cruel is a world made of color and light, together we prosper in a land of sound and vision." [UNKNOWN] According to Clause 12 Section B-4 of the DMCH Official Regulations for Mandated Healthy Living, the following statement is regarded as accurate, and the requests mentioned in said statement are obligatory.

"It's common for many citizens to withhold some sort of distrust in ones own eyes. Misinformation from the retina within the human eye can overload or "fog up" the visual cortex within our occipital lobe. It's recommended (Or in some states and counties, Mandated. Please Check your local laws at That the human eyes receive 2-4 hours per week of "Visual Aid" from a trustworthy and reliable source. Alternatively, those on Medicall© can receive access to a new experimental medication, Vivacortexiol© This medication can be ingested orally, and has been known to decrease the need for visual supplement to the brain." [WWW.DMCH.ORG/THE DIVISION OF MANDATED CORRECTIONAL HABITS]

The Department of Patterns and Visions [DPV] is a pharmaceutical bureau, tasked with assisting those who may be experiencing the ever-growing condition of visual skepticism. The DPV specializes in providing visionitus supplements to those with Retina Decomposition, "Lobe Fog", Snow Arrays, or various diseases in which the patient endures general visual distortion or confusion.

Please browse our official webpage to obtain an understanding of what The DPV can provide you, as always consult your doctor or physician as to what supplements may be the correct answer to your problem or condition.

- Once Daily Visualizations -